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August 2017 Mid Week Series

Race 1 - A small crowd raced at Awaba but what a great night for riding. Hope to see a few more out there next week to join in the fun.

Results are attached.

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July 2017 Club Downhill Results

Club results are based on Run 1 Only, due to the track being closed after only a few riders being able to have their second run.

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XC 3 Hour Singleton Results

Great weather, great track, great bunch of people to go riding with - What else would you rather be doing with your Sunday.

Big thanks to the volunteers who did the timing - it's always nice to see some people step up and help us out and complete the perfect day for us riders.

Results attached.

EDIT: I've just corrected an error in Mens C Grade. Updated results are now attached. If you find any errors, pleae drop me an email and I'll be more than happy to fix them. Steven

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Club DH Champs & Rocky Trail state points round 2

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This Sunday our club event Doubled as our Club Champs & a club round with results going towards Rocky trail round 2 State points.

The weather gave us a mixed bag, Saturday well was Perfect, yes Perfect.. Hero dirt :)smiles for mile
Sunday morning was looking like the rain may miss us & Monkey was running sweet, but Mother Nature was giving us little hints as was what might come.

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XC Round 4 Awaba - Club Champs

Well I feel sorry for all the people who thought the weather was too bad for racing at Awaba. The weather was pretty bad in Newcastle all morning, but the sun was out and the track was dry, fast and fun at Awaba. One small shower of rain at the end wasn't even enough to dampen your T-shirt.

Posted here are the results of today's race, which also includes some non-club members who we welcome to all our races.

Edit 19/6/17:
The list of XC Club Champions is now attached. Congratulations to all our competitors.

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May 2017 Club Downhill Results

The Rain Held off... The snags where cooking... Happy Birthday 11th William, what a way to spend your Birthday, best riding crew every, Monkey was prime.
Congrates Joel Willis 3:40.834 setting the fast for the day.
As always a very big thank you to everyone that helped made today Awesome day.
xxx Thank you

Next Club Round 18th June with Rocky Trail States points.

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XC Round 3 Awaba May 21

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A Beautiful day for a ride at Awaba!

Thanks to all the helpers that made it possible especially Jason who did the computer timing and the St John ladies who recorded the rider numbers as they came through.

Also, big thanks to all the helpers who worked on the track to allow us to use the tunnel track in two directions.

It was nice to see a number of new faces, especially the young guys who did so well in D grade.

Don't forget to get your jersey or bib-knick order in - it closes Friday 26th May. Go to

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XC Round 2 Awaba April 23 Results

Results attached from todays race.

Lots of fun on an awesome track. The new bits were a lot of fun and got a lot of good comments from a lot of people.

If you have any issues with the results, send me an email at

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XC 3 hour Awaba April 9 - Results

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The three hour race was run and won today at Awaba. A good track was set for the event, with close to 10km of excellent dry single track, a little bit of fire road with a few large puddles to negotiate and some new bits to link it all up. Thanks again to Dean for setting the track.

Big thanks also to Andrew and the rest of the people who helped out with the timekeeping.

Somebody left a pair of Blue Nike shoes in the carpark (fairly small size). If these are yours, drop me an email ( and I'll try to get them to you.

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2017 HMBA XC February Mid-Week Series

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Great to see so many riders turn up for the first of the three mid-week races being held in February at Killingworth.

Big thanks to Matt and Caitlin for doing the race registrations and timekeeping.

Second race is done an dusted. Another good turnout and an enjoyable race. Thanks to Thomas and Bronwyn for doing the timekeeping.

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2017 XC Round 1 - Awaba

Good turn out for race 1 at Awaba today Results are attached.

Send me an email to if you find any problems with the results.

29/1/17 - Updated results have now been attached. One error corrected in C grade men.

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HMBA XC Pointscore 2016

The XC Pointscore for 2016 is now attached.

If you have any issues or questions, drop me an email at

Prizes for pointscore winners will be handed out at the AGM early in 2017. Prizes will only be awarded to club members, and to riders who have completed a minimum of 4 races.

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Downhill Club Round Nov Results

Monkey was Dry, dusty, windy, threats of fire with some over night burning logs still smoldering, but all was under control Fireman Pat and the RFS had it sorted.
Big thank you to Rick K for driving the bus all day, Craig M for helping me in timing.
Fastest times
Pat Butler 3:44.29 Ricky Boyer 3:57.18 Regan Arthur 4:03.26
Best Black Snake hop goes to Luke I believe
Great to see you all out there today well done.
Healing Vibs Clint hope all results are good

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XC Race Results - 6th November Brunkerville

It's always great to ride and race at a new track. This new track at Brunkerville was no exception. A big thanks goes out to Gary and the crew of trail builders who have carved out this wonderful piece of trail.

Results from today's race are attached.

Pointscore for 2016 will be here soon.

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XC Race Results - 16th October - Awaba round 7

Results for todays XC race at Awaba are attached.

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XC Race Results - 25th September - Awaba round 6

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted - results are now posted for Race 6 held 25th September 2016.

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HMBA XC Dungog 3 Hour - Sept 2016

A beautiful sunny day greeted everyone to Dungog this morning. The trails are in good condition and a big thanks go to the team at Dungog for this.

Also, we'd like to give a big thanks to the team of people who stepped up and did the timekeeping for us. It's always good to see peopole offer up their time for the benefit of others.

Results are now attached. I have included an overall set of results as well, but bear in mind that there was a staggered start which is not included in the timing.

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Club Downhill August 14th Results

Todays club Downhill results.

Congrats Pat Bulter fastest today in the dry conditions, Josh Clarke just missing out, 0.672 sec back.
Pat Butler 3:44.206 HMBA
Josh Clarke 3:44.878 HMBA
Tyson Wise 4:10.384 HMBA

Thanks everyone that helped out today very much appreciated.

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August 2016 Mid Week Series

Round 1 - 10/8/16 - 27 riders tonight enjoyed a great short track race at Awaba.
Many thanks to the volunteers who came out to look after the timekeeping for us.

Revised Results attached - the total time was a little off...

Round 2 - 17/8/16 - 34 Riders. Another beautiful warm evening and a great ride had by all. Results now attached.

Round 3 - 31/8/16 - 21 riders. The weather looked like it might threaten, but it turned out to be a beautiful night for a ride under the stars. Results now attached.

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July Club Downhill State points Results

Full track Monkey
club DH round, results go towards Rockytrail state series.
Awesome weekend, Thanks everyone!
To All the volunteers Big Thank you!
May I say Monkey at its Best, Prime track conditions and then came that one heavy shower just to keep things interesting… Challenging!
A huge Thanks to Rick Kehoe and all the Guys and Gals that put in the hard yards to get the bottom half of Monkey running Sweet. The HMBA Committee & Crew, the work on the tunnel and DH flyover, Huge Effort!

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HMBA XC Singleton 3 Hour

Results are now attached.

Big thanks to the Timekeepers. The race wouldn't be the same without them.

Category results and Overall results attached.

If you spot any issues with the results, drop me an email and I'll be happy to check them out. hmbaxc @ gmail . com (take out the spaces)

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HMBA XC Round 4 Awaba

Another beautiful day to ride at Awaba. A good turnout enjoyed a great track.

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HMBA Club DH April Results

Todays Club Downhill Results
Awesome day, thanks everyone Smiling

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HMBA XC Killingworth 3 hour

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A very big thanks to all the people who helped put today's race on. Without their help, it just wouldn't happen.

Special mention to the following:
-Matt and Jarrod for helping me set the track, and doing a lap before the race started just to finalise the bunting.
-Matt for going out after the race and doing a lap to bring the bunting in.
-Caitlin for coming along for the sole purpose of helping out by doing the timekeeping.
-James for helping out with the timekeeping.
-Bronwyn for providing the first aid.
-Keith for organising and picking up and returning the toilet.

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HMBA XC Round 3 Singleton


Round 3 results from Singleton attached.

Big Thanks to Matt and Caitlin for doing the race registrations and timekeeping.

Great to see a good roll up of riders - especially the large number of females.

If you have any questions or issues with the results, drop me an email at hmbaxc@gmail. com

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